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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-How can I find out if my car has the new R1234yf Gases?

A-Not all manufacturers agree to installing the new refrigerant on their new models.

If your vehicle in a 2013 model you can first check under the bonnet for a label stating what gases are in your air conditioning system if you are still unsure contact your dealership for verification.

Q-My car is pre 1993 Can I still get it gased?

A-Pre 1993 vehicles used the now banned R12 refrigerant. It can be very costly to convert your system to R134A refrigerant. We can regas with a "Drop-In" gas. There will be no need for any changes to your system.

Q-What is the difference with a hybrid/electric vehicle?

A-The main difference is the oils are dedicated to hybrid/electric vehicles, in the way they use non-conductive oils due to use of electrically powered compressor.

Q-Why is my cars air conditioning not working?

A-It could be one reason or a combination of many factors, lack of gas in the system causing it to shut down, faulty electrical connection or component, mechanical component fault. Check all your controls are on the right settings, listen for a distinctive clunk under the bonnet when you turn the air conditioning on.(Relay the results when you contact us).

Q-Why do I need to have my air conditioning system serviced?

A-It keeps the efficiency of your vehicle to its best. Reducing the wear and tear on your a/c system and car also, to lesson bigger costly occurrences happening.

Q-How often should I have my air conditioning system be serviced?

A-15 percent of the Refrigerant is lost every year through the pipe joints and seals on every car air conditioning system worldwide.

Q-Why do I need to change my Rec/Drier every 2 to 4 years?

A-The Rec/Drier is a component that traps moisture and debris in your A/C system, failure to change this component can effect the efficiency of your system and possibly cause an acidic reaction due to moisture that will corrode it from the inside out.

Q-Why do I need to change my cabin filters?

A-Changing your filters will ensure that you get the best quality air into your vehicle possibly helping towards allergies.

Q-Why would I need to flush a system?

A-After a component has failed due to mechanical or corrosion failure it would be necessary to flush the pipes and renew the rec/drier to ensure that no debris is in the system so, to stop any further failures.

Q-Why do I need a yearly odour/bacteria removal to my evaporator?

A-To help eliminate bad smells and allergenic micro-organisms that breed on your evaporator due to the constant condensation/moisture that is created during normal use of your A/C.

Q-How does A/C dehumidify and clear the mist from my screen so quickly?

A-The fan blows the air over the cold evaporator (small radiator inside your dashboard) which releases the moisture in the air and then lets it drain away through the drain hole onto the floor outside.

Q-Why do we use a UV dye in your system?

A-The dye is highlighted by a UV light making it easier to spot leaks. It doesn't harm your system and can be left in for any leak/problems you might incur at a later.

Q-Why do you use Nitrogen (OFN)?

A-It is used for the purpose of testing systems for leaks. It is safer and doesn'tí harm the atmosphere.

Q-Can I service my own air conditioning system?

A-We strongly recommend you do NOT service your air conditioning system. Only a qualified person is allowed to evacuate and replace the refrigerant in your system, Refrigerant is very dangerous liquid and can cause major burns as well as affixation leading to fatality, It is also illegal to dispose of waste refrigerant in to the environment.

Q-When should I use the Re-Circulate button?

A-When you go past smelly farms & you don't want the smell to enter your car. Also, we advise to you use it when you are caught in long periods of standing traffic, as the re-circulation button only circulates the air within your car.
For optimal use of your air con system, it needs air from outside to disperse the heat from the condenser (the radiator at the front of the car), therefore in long periods of still traffic, it can only rely on the cars fans & you might find your aircon struggles a little.

Q-Do I need to De-Gas my car to import it into Australia?

A-Here is a section from the current rules (as of 2012)

You also have the option of 'degassing' the equipment's air conditioning system prior to importing it to Australia. If the system has been degassed, you do not require an ODS/SGG equipment licence (EQPL). You must provide to Customs (or your Customs Broker, or Freight Forwarder) documentary evidence (please refer to import scenario 5) confirming that the equipment has been degassed.

Please note that degassing the equipment after it has already been shipped to, or has already arrived in Australia is not permitted.


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